Ant Pest Control in the Goodyear, AZ and Phoenix, AZ

Carpenter Ants. In the Phoenix and Goodyear Area ants are a daily discussion, especially carpenter ants.

This large ant problem in Arizona has homeowners constantly discussing the correct way to treat these ant infestations. When ants are trying to find a way into your home they are looking for small openings around windows, doors, walkways, foundations, walls, and many more areas. The things ants are looking for are food sources and damp moist areas.

Most people think that spraying something on the ants or killing them will cure their ant problem. The ants living outside your home finding their way in to the home are worker ants who leave an undetectable pheromone trail that the human eye cannot see. This trail is a guide of the other worker ants to follow to find the nourishment in your home the original worker ants found. It is important that the treatment is something the worker ants can take back to the other male ants and queen ant in their home nest.

There are hundreds of types of ants but the most common ants to Arizona are the black ant or pavement ant, the carpenter ant, Pharaoh ant, harvester ant, and the fire ant. The black pavement ants are the type of ants that infest and take over your property. The carpenter and is the ant that destroys your property. The carpenter ants seems to eat wood, but actually they do not eat it. They are actually excavating the wood from your home. These carpenter ants are hard for homeowners to detect until there is some serious damage done to the home. Then the famous fire ant is the ant that causes major pain to humans with it’s sting. The Pharaoh ant is the ant that takes over your food pantry and restaurants. A lot of people are scared about the carpenter ant, but the harvester ant is poisonous and dangerous.

If you have ants at your property remember that ant is there for one of two reasons. One because it is leaving a trail for the other ants or two because it is following a trail left for it. No matter the reason, you do not want this ant in your home. Don’t mess around until there is an infestation or carpenter ants damage your home. Call Pest Control Pros Goodyear to get your pest problem under control immediately.

Don’t let an infestation take over your home.