Goodyear, AZ Pest Control

goodyear, AZ pest control

Goodyear, Arizona has a famous name being named after the Goodyear Tire Company. In the 1900s Goodyear rubber was cultivating cotton that they used in tire treads in this Arizona area. During the 1940s this area because extremely important in World War II as there was an airport built to ship out cotton and tires needed. This began a quick chain reaction with gas stations, grocery stores, shopping centers, homes, schools and more needed in the area.

Today this thriving city is home to many more things such as a horse track, multiple major league baseball teams call Goodyear home to their spring training facilities.

Goodyear is a large suburb of Phoenix where many Arizona residents reside, but it is also a wonderful travel location for great winter weather. With lots of activity in the city there are many Goodyear, AZ pest control problems. When you see a pest around your property don’t hesitate to call or you can check out the flexible pest control plans we have for your Goodyear, AZ pest control problems.