Scorpion Pest Control

Scorpion pest control. Protect your loved ones from a dangerous sting. 623-295-0254In Arizona there are lots of scorpions, in fact there are nearly 60 types of this pest. But the two most concerning types of scorpions that you will come across in the Phoenix area are the bark scorpion and the desert hairy scorpion.

When we discuss the dangers of them these two scorpions types have a very painful sting, but the venom sting of the back scorpion can cause multiple medical complications to a human. We want to keep the bark scorpion as far away from children as possible and unfortunately this is the most common scorpion found in Phoenix area homes.

This is not a pest you want to take your chances with and any chemical you purchase at your local home improvement store will not be effective. Keep your loved ones safe and call an expert at Pest Control Pros Goodyear. We can do a thorough inspection of your home for scorpions and treat to keep your life pest free.

Protect your loved ones from a dangerous sting.